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Seamless copper pipes for water and gas

They present an excellent performance in the conduction of cold and hot water, gas and fire extinguishing systems, hot water accumulators, meters, solar heaters and others. Pipes are produced according to standards established by the international standards ASTM B88 and B88M. This specification includes rigid and soft pipes.

The “L” type copper pipe is used in systems for the conduction of LP and natural gases, cold water, hot water and fire systems. Identification of this pipe is done with work under relief and blue ink along the pipe. It is a type of pipe for use in pressurized fluid installations under more severe service and safety conditions than the “M” type.

By duration, in the main branches or columns of hot water, using “L” type copper pipe is recommended, giving greater margin of wear by the friction of water, which is favored by the fluid temperature. It is recommended for installations in buildings and / or constructions where greater work pressure is required.

Type “K” pipe is used in systems for conduction of LP and natural gases, compressed air, as well as hydraulic lines. Identification of this pipe is done with embossing and green ink along the pipe. Due to its characteristics, it is recommended to use it in industrial installations, driving liquids and gases in more severe conditions of pressure and temperature than M and L types.

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