Laminates, a generic name for tapes, strips and plates, are manufactured with different alloys, dimensions and formats. This family of products is supplied in rollers or in straight sheets of variable widths, according to different specifications of the consumer market, which is very diversified.

Elox and electrolytic copper ribbons produce waveguides and flexible cables, electronic components, shielding of telecommunications cables, gutters, tiles, switches, terminals and contacts.

Fins are made for copper-phosphorus pipes and gutters, since phosphorus added to copper acts as a deoxidizer. Tomback brass forms capsules for cartridges, ornaments and electrical contacts. Cartridges with 70/30 brass and wire rod are also made, which are also used for making musical instruments, lamp holders, eyelets, electronic components, radiator tanks, springs, trays, ornaments, hinges and sanitary metals. Forjaflex brass is used in the manufacture of keys for locks and for the automotive line and watch gears, while silicon brass is for mechanical use in general, in components that require a lot of hardness. Micro-adjusted copper is used in the manufacture of fins for heat dissipation in radiators.

The bronze-phosphorus laminates are the preferred option for uses in which the behavior known as “spring effect” is desired in the final product, in different alloys with different mechanical properties depending on the amount of tin, which has as its main function increased corrosion resistance, significantly increasing mechanical strength. Its main uses are in contacts, parts for switches, fuse holders, among others.

In addition to the aforementioned alloys, Termomecanica also produces laminates, in special alloys, which are developed based on market needs or customers’ requirements.

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